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Meet your Black Eagle Bowmen Board Members

Steve Shaffer.
Steve and his wife Cora live in the Mill Hall area. He has been a flour mill operator for 32 years. He enjoys being a part of organized archery and would like to see more involvement in indoor shooting. His favorite type of shooting are field-hunter and 3D. He compliments the Black Eagle Bowmen (BEB) Board for their hard work. His favorite archery experience is bow hunting. He shoots a Bow Tech bow set at 58 pounds using Gold Tip arrows and 100g Thunderhead broadheads. Steve serves as Treasurer of BEB.

Don Confer. Don lives in the Mill Hall area with his wife Carol. He is a retired chemistry teacher for Keystone Central School District. Don likes all forms of archery, but his favorite is field-hunter and he would like to see more archers try these challenging rounds. He has won both state and national titles in the Unlimited Division. He enjoys working at the Club and hopes it continues to grow and provide recreation for our area residents. He hunts with a Hoyt Protec bow set at 59 pounds, 2213 arrows and 100g Slick Trick broadheads. Don serves as a Director of BEB.

Jack Thorpe. Jack and his wife Barbara live on the Coudersport Pike. He retired from the Central Intermediate Unit after 36 years as a Speech Therapist. Jack began archery in 1953 with his Dad and Marine Corps buddies. He started hunting in 1959 and has hunted every year since. He has won numerous state titles and in 2006 won the NFAA National Senior Male Traditional Championship in South Dakota, and the silver medal in the 2007 Senior Olympics in Kentucky. He also likes to travel and fly fish. He prefers to hunt with a custom Assenheimer 52 pound recurve bow with Easton FMJ arrows and 100g G5 broadheads. Jack serves as a Director and newly elected secretary for the Black Eagle Bowmen.

Mark Deitrich. Mark lives on Deitrich Road just east of Mingoville with wife Tracy and daughter April. He has been involved in archery for 34 years and enjoys the hunting aspect the most. Mark practices extensively to improve his skills and has taken several nice bucks. He would like to see an even longer archery season. He enjoys both the 3D and field/hunter shooting. Mark shoots a Bow Tech bow at 62 pounds, ACC 3-39 arrows, Trophy Ridge sight and Trap Door rest. Mark serves as President of BEB.

Bob Fenton. Bob lives in Mill Hall and works as a filtration plant operator. His family includes two grown daughters, Ashley and Sarah. He has been active in archery for 32 years and likes bow hunting and 3D the most. Bob especially enjoys hunting the larger bucks in the Midwest. He enjoys being part of BEB and helping out with the club activities. Bob would like to see more kids involved in the sport. He hunts with a PSE Nitro set at 62 pounds, Easton Carbon Evolution arrows and 100g Thunderhead broadheads. Bob serves as a Director for the BEB.

Eric Wagner. Eric, with his wife Sue, and three children Amanda, Rebecca, and John, live in Mingoville not to far from where he grew up. Eric has been employed by the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State University for the past 20 years as a Program Coordinator in the electronics engineering field. In 2002 he retired from the former 112th military service. His interest in archery started with his father back in the mid 60's and has been a member of BEB since the early 70's when he and life long friend Dave Murray were approached to join BEB by Chester Workman, a former club member. He shoots a Matthews Switchback XT set at 60 pounds using Vapor 4000 arrows with Bear 120g broadheads. Eric proudly serves as a Board Director for BEB and would like to thank all the club officers and members for making the BEB Club what it is today.

Dave Murray. Dave serves as Vice President/Range Manager for BEB. He lives in Mingoville and works in the construction trade as a carpenter. He has been involved in archery for over 35 years, being introduced to the sport by Chester Workman. As a youth he frequently shot with his good friend, Eric Wagner. He would like to see more of our members involved with club activities and a longer archery season. Dave places archery hunting and 3D shooting as his favorites. He shoots a Hoyt x-tech with carbon arrows and 100g Montec broadheads.


Kevin Novosel. Kevin works in the machining and engineering field for Novosel Instruments. He is single and lives along route 64 just a couple of miles from the Club. He was introduced to archery by his older brother and enjoys traveling to the Club for practice and 3D shooting. Bowhunting is his favorite type of archery and he has arrowed several nice bucks. Kevin also shoots on the very successful Ingram's team of the local 22 league. Kevin is always willing to help with Club projects. He would like to see more youth in the sport. Kevin serves as a Director for BEB.

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